How is the winner decided?

February 28, 2023

Everyone who selects the correct answer to the question is entered into a draw. The winner will then be chosen at random from all the correct entries during a live draw using a random number generator. 

Draws will take place weekly at 9pm on Sunday evenings or if all tickets are sold out we may draw the competition early and we’ll let you know in advance via our social media pages and our website. 

We will start the live draw a 9pm, starting with the smallest prizes and finishing with the biggest prizes. All the numbers will be chosen using google random generator live to see. If a prize is not completely sold out and we draw a number that has been unsold, we will draw again until we get a winner. All competitions will be drawn on the specified draw date regardless of how many tickets are sold and will not be extended. 

If you’ve won, please make sure that you have given us the correct information to get in touch with you or another winner will be chosen! 

We’d also love to share your exciting win on our website and social media pages.